Posted by: jfroggyrox | January 8, 2009

Rockhopper Found!

rockhopper spotted on slushy! here are some pics i got of him


picture-14 yarr rockhopper
me and rh!! dont be jealous! even though rh leaves tomorrow… youll get him next time! just dont even try to find him. or search rockhopper tracker on google and click the first thing that comes up. i never have tried before and im promise this is either my 4th or 5th time seeing rockhopper. note: i think he always goes to the cove to tell stories so wait there if the room hes in is full!




  3. froggy u there

  4. froggyyyyyyyy

  5. froggy u there omg

  6. YAY IM IN THT PIC ppl look at me!!! im Rachel Fish im like right next to him! thnx froggy!!!

  7. YAY im there right next to him

  8. ha i sounded like such a freak posting tht one comment!

  9. u are a freak

  10. GASP im in the pic too! wat the heck was i wearing LOL

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