About Jfroggyrox

I, will now tell you about me and the history of this website. Well, one day, my friends Autumx3 and Reggie were in the pizza parlor. I came in and was wondering wat the heck they were talking about. They said things like “Yeah, that video” or “Uhuh, the third comment on the second page,” so i asked what they were talking about. They said look up Shoes on Youtube. Shoes??? well after awhile, i got confused… i ended up just searching reggie on google but, where am i getting with this? well, it turns out it was a website. at the time i first saw it, i thought it was the coolest club penguin guide website i had ever seen. (It even was better than heatblast’s website at the time) Well, that website expired me, to make my own website as cool as that one. well i saw this website, it said WORDPRESS.COM and inter email adress and that crap. so there, i finally had my chance to make my website. so i did. when i started off, i didnt even know how to put a picture on a page, but now, i can do much more :D. so, if u say its lame, it only has about 900 hits, i dont care. you know what, i dont care. my website is special, and to me, it will always be, on top of every other website. (sorry reggie, guitar, monk).

SO ABOUT ME: well im about 1070 days old on cp, been playin a long time, my favorite food is pizza, i love taking care of my puffles on cp, love bein a member… so yeah my favorite team is blue, why u may ask? well one day me and my sister were playing clubpenguin… she said why do u like the red? “I dont know,” well you should like the blue team. “Why?” their duke colors. “Oh, ill go for them now.” hehe. my favorite item on clubpenguin is the cp gangster hat, haha as i call it, the ipod, the penguin band hoodie, and the blue sneakers. my first background i believe was, the sun pin? yes, heres the pic

sun pin but my favorite pin, got to be, the astro barrier or basketball pin.Picture 13 and awesome pin.

my favorite furniture item, HAS to be my orange couch. its my oldest and most prized item. and wouldnt give it away for 450,000 coins. best-item-evahh

favorite game is surfing (great time to spend with my red puffle and fun, high score is about 5000), maybe ice fishing (helps me relax), love getting the mullet in that game so much, i hang him up.mullet

i have all 100 buddies, used to have about 250, some glitch, oh and by the way, i could kick anyones butt in wii bowling. my favorite place is the dock, where i met the people who without them, i would have no website… my favorite famous penguin guy is rockhopper, met him about 6-7 times (tryin to brag) best friend, Autumx3, second best friend, uhh probably Mr, (or mister) here he is.hey-mr

yeah me and him talk sports, really the only person i know who understands sports, im an agent, epf agent, and a purple belt (stopped playing because i defeated about 4 black belts and never got my brown belt.) i do have a penguin that is a ninja, got tons and tons of coins, well i used to, spent it almost all in the last 6 months i guess. yeah so thats me! cya guys! keep commenting!!!

About Autumx3:

hehe, she is my bff, so i shall write i paragraph for her. (your welcome). i met her at the dock one day, i when she added me i knew we could be great friends, but i neva eva thought she would be the bestest buddy ive ever had! yes i talk to her a lot, a ton of people are just SO jealous. i have many many friends, but out of the 100 people that think im awesome, shes #1!!! she is very nice, and im a little too nice right now. i became her friend at the crows nest (on rockhopper’s ship), i do believe i added her, and that was a good move (haha). well, i call her many things, such as


Pls (classified)



and thats about it.

well, ill end this paragraph, with a message to atom:

Im Glad I Added You!!!! 😀



  1. haha, of course everyone is jealous that you and me are best friends forever! i remember when we met at the dock, ipod club! remember our group? your the only one im still good friends with. and duh im your number 1, bc your my number 1 too(: and yes you are being a little too nice, but thats okay i know you mean it all bc i am just amazing! hehe. and i call you hun alot, i used to say aaf but PEOPLE FIGURED IT OUT(nickie, mr, and horsey) but now we have a new one, acsb(classified!)

    pls & acsb are amazing(:
    ps: im glad i added you too, hun.

  2. 😀 IM UR NUMBER 2 YAY idk when we met lol

  3. i met atom and froggy at the dojo b4 i was in the group i always used to watch my cuz tslk with u guyz lmao than when i met atom and froggy i was like im SUBBS CUZ LMAO WELL BUH BAAIII

  4. hey..if you ever get on soon..which i hope..go on this chat..

    please check this i hope you get on.

  5. so you did check this didn’t you.

  6. why are you ignoring me..don’t do this.


  8. hey bbbby.
    i just thought i’d stop by, and wish you a merry xmas. even though i highly doubt you will ever check your cute little site again. well, i wubb you. (:

  9. i know you still check this. pleaseeee get on pengs chat..www.xat.com/da_awesomeness_is_us please! please please please please. if you don’t i’ll cry. hahah.

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