favorite song page

hey there ppl!!! i like akon u can tell by my favorite picture ive ever made (so far) so heres some of my fav songs from akon:

sorry,blame it on me

im so paid

sunny day

smack that

i wanna love u (CLEAN VERSION)

right now (na na na)

mr lonley (the disney edit becuz the real one says the s word)


i probably forgot some but anyway… KEEP COMMENTING PLZ!



here are some random artist that i LOVE! well u know im not like a a guy tht works at claires… BUT ANYWAY HERE!


chris brown

queen (band)

daughtry (band)

weird al

gym class heroes

soulja boy

flobots (band)

the fray (band)

hinder (band)


rihanna sometimes

toby mac


jason mraz

we the kings

james blunt

bang gang (band)

weezer (band)

lil wayne

snoop dogg

young jeezy


here is an akon picture i got:

 it isnt that big but heres another:



i got some new songs i think u should look up on youtube:

dead and gone ft. justin timberlake 

you found me

buy u a drank (shawty snappin)

let it rock

yeah! ft. lil jon and ludacris

and thats about it for now. cya!



yo homies heres some lyrics tune by kiss me thru the phone:


Baby, i know that u miss me, who doesnt wanna see me,

Only dorks do not and baby i am so so fly babe

Dont you just know that babe, but u cannot se me and my awesome face so

just text me wit ya phone (text me wit ya phone)

Ill check my texts later on (later on) Text me wit ya phone (text me wit it now)

Cuz i will see it soon.

Soulja Boy:

Baby, i no i am so hot

I am right on the dot

Soulja boy tellem yeahhh

Im yo bestest honey

Im yo only clyde

so text me right know, you need me in yo life yeah

all that i mean who just does-ant

and everytime u text me my feelins get deepa

so text me, text me, i demand a text right now.

Thats all i got right now peeps!


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