funky poetry page!

the no name poetry thing:

violets are blue and the stem is green so is my face when i see u it hurts my spleen,
ur really ugly so dont even try if i see u again i think i might die, 
u should put on some make up, cause this is more than a break up,
when u find the right guy, which will happen when pigs fly,
he’s probably blind because i think nobody could miss ur giant behind.



The true song thing:

Duke aint puke, wake’s not fake, NC state is still the one we hate, BOO carolina blue, AND GO ECU!!!!
Heres another thing:
clubpenguin o clubpenguin,
so white and so blue,
pie is good o wait i need to tie my shoe,
i tripped over a log and fell in a bog,
its a dark fog o snap wheres my dog?
o man i just lost that poor little dog,
u can tell by this story, that im a clumsy frog.


  1. lol tht first poem iz funny!


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