yo guys!! this is the orlando magic page!! aka my favorite PRO team! since duke’s season ended, its time for another sports page. the reason i like the magic. 

1. Jj redick used to play for duke, their best player EVER! and he does pretty well on the magic too. heres his pic.  jj_redick


reason 2. DWIGHT HOWARD! slam dunk contest winner 2008! known for his famous “supa man” dunk. you can see him on the funny picture page. well you cant see his face because of the chinese kid.

Reason 3. THE COACH! i dont know why he just rocks! see theres even something we have in common.


and thats the reasons why.


Orlando’s first matchup in series one, orlando one 4 games to 2. it was against the philadelphia 76ers.


Their second series just started on monday against the Boston Celtics. i have great respect for this team also. they beat them though! by 5 points. boston played MUCH better in the second half than the first. orlando got tired in the second half. it was a 28 point lead at one point. BY the magic. the second game is tonight, which will be a game of action and awesomeness. i will update tomorrow!! thanks!

oops i lied. this isnt tomorrow. game 5 happens tonight at 7:00 eastern standard time, if u hav pacific time than its just minus 3 hours from 7:00 i think. they lost the game 2 that a talked about, but won game 3. they failed to win in game 4, because, big baby (glen davis) for the boston celtics hit a game winning shot for the celtics. the final score wuz 94-95. that was on sunday. i wont be able to see the game tonight, but i will here highlights in the morning, so ill try to update tomorrow. big baby davis is still one of my favorite players. heres the list of my top 5 picks for favorite player or pro player in basketball.

1. jj redick

2. dwight howard and shaq. (shaquille o neal)

3. big baby davis. becuz his other nickname is little shaq.


5. its between brandon roy for the portland trail blazers, or kobe bryant for the lakers.

yeah well cya tomorrow! or somewhere near there!

oh and heres a picture of my favorite pro players in order:

you saw jj redick.     

heres dwight howard: dwight-howard

heres shaq: NBA_Desktops_miami_heat_Shaquille_O'Neal_4

big baby (in college):  bigbaby they call him little shaq because shaq also went to LSU for college

lebron james: lebron-james

heres brandon roy: 71797308JM_D039474020

and last but not least, the only reason i like the lakers, KOBEEEE BRYAANT!!!

kobe-bryant well thats a funny face! BYE GUYS CYA LATER!


If i have turn you into an orlando magic fan, than you will be sad to know,

the celtics won again.

the magic had a great lead for most of the game!! yet, i got tired in the 4th quarter and turned it off. am i an orlando magic player? well it seems like it because when i got tired, orlando got tired. they scored 1 field goal in the last 6 minutes, 6 seconds. ray allen for the boston celtics is just too good! they play tonight again, which again, I CANT SEE!! (well not the whole thing) im going to a play so yeah… it sucks. dwight howards supposed to step it up tonight, or so he says, he only had 12 points in the game 5 and thats his number. yeah i thought that was cool. ill TRY to update tomorrow, dont see wats stoppin me!

P.S: its “win or go home” for the magic, the celtics have a 3-2 series lead, and if they win tonight (which they arent gonna hopefully) and theres only 7 games, then the orlando magic will end their season. 

HAHA!!!!! they one game 6, AND game 7!!! which means they won the series!! they will face the cavs (cavaliers) tomorrow. i mean the celtics series was fun and all, but i dont think the magic will make it pass lebrons team. not saying they wont, i still have high hopes for the magic in the series. by the way tomorrow is wednesday, so, catch it on tv! its like the final four for the pro teams, which means the magic are in the final four!! they’re basically coming out of nowhere, because everyone on sports center hates the magic (so it appears) and they hate jj redick. by the way i will tell you a story about jj’s range.

One day, in practice, Dwight Howard bet Jj Redick, former duke athlete, that he couldnt make it from under one goal to the other. Jj of course, excepted the challenge. Dwight gave him two tries. First time….

He nailed it.   

And for that dwight howard gave him 5,000 dollars. im serious he really did that.

And another story we have is Reshard Lewis, also had this watch, Jj redick wanted it so bad! he wanted to buy it off of reshard. well reshard said “Nah lil mama, ill give it too ya for free,” well he never did. well one day, maybe during a game (im not sure) he made it from half court. Lewis said “I bet you cant make that again” jj, like any other old duke would, excepted the challenge. AGAIN! well he made it. reshard gave him the watch. now dont u wish that u were jj redick?

these are all true stories. believe me, i saw it on youtube. 😀

holy crap. i have good news.

MAGIC WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and this guy name Mo Williams hit a 60 footer at halftime! that guy is for the cavs so i got scared i wasnt happy.  LEWIS THAT GUY I TOLD U ABOUT EARLIER GOT THE GAME WINNING THREE POINTER!!!!!!!!! also about that mo williams thing i was watching it, gortat got a slam right before that. and i thought that would quiet them down. he nailed that thing, my heart stopped for a second. very well fought to lebron james, (love ya man not in a gay way i mean as a player) and mo williams (dude you got range!!) also dante west (ur awesome too man) i turned it off when williams made that shot becuz it scared me so much, but i knew they would win anyway…. i woke up in the morning and dad comes in hes like “I guess you know the magic won.” im like “NO THEY DIDNT!!!! DID THEY?? SERIOUSLY!?!??!” lol. so the cavs r no longer defeated in the post season. (playoffs).

Mo Williams nailed a 60 footerr,                                                                                                                                      He got mega range it makes meh scerred                                                                                                                       I like the way he swish it right der                                                                                                                                  He got hes team hyped up and thats fo sure.

thats my parody of “Right Thurr” by Chingy.

game 2 is tomorrow night i guess. ill update lata!

GAME 2???? HOLY CRAP! tonights game 5……. well ill update u.

game 2, sadly was won by one of the best shots in history…

game 3, we won big…

game 4, we won again…

game 5. game 5 is gonna be won by orlando!! 😀 ill update tomorra!!!!


wow sorry guys i havent been updating… they lost game 5, sadly, but won game six. giving them the series as they move on to the finals!!! what an outstanding series that was… definitely a series lebron james is gonna be known for. speaking of lebron james… DID ANYBODY KNOW HE HAD A GROWTH? haha he did but he was waiting until after the season to get it removed. the doctors say he’ll make a full recovery. the finals is vs. the lakers, if the lakers win (which they will NEVER!) kobe bryant will have himself four championship rings. as you can see here.

a little puppet show. its quite funny. if orlando (WOO YEAH UHUH LETS GO ORLANDO) win (WHICH THEY WILL YEAH UHUH LETS GO ORLANDO), than i will be VERY HAPPY. alright guys, the first game is tomorrow at 8:30 EST. ill update later!

oh… i havent been updating… sorry guys i was too into the finals. it ended in five games so here u go

game 1: total blow out (lakers win)

game 2: courtney lee misses layup which would have one the game (goes into overtime…lakers win)

game 3: the best game ive ever seen. magic set a record for about 67% shooting for the whole game in the finals. (magic win)

game 4: another overtime thriller, derrick fisher hits major three that tied the game for overtime, then hit another clutch three for the 3 point lead in overtime. (lakers win)

game 5: magic started VERY well… but lost… as u can see that is a 4-1 win by the lakers. magic sit to watch as the lakers celebrate.

yep so the lakers won the finals. congrats lakers and kobe bryant-the finals mvp.



















  1. This website SUCKS!!!!!!!!

    • and your mother SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. haha his icon was pink!!

  4. hey wats wrong with pink?

  5. orlando magic is cool now

  6. still obsessed with basketball? 🙂

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