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ok maybe this wont work. but its worth a shot.

We have two MoneyMaker options:

1. Windows MoneyMaker v2.4


Posted by: jfroggyrox | May 14, 2009

Thanks for the extra views!!

since i usually never get views (not complaining) id like to thank the ppl who viewed the funny picture page! yesterday i only had 117 now i have 126! which makes me want to make my posting pic even better!

(yes im not done yet. ok i havent even started)

so its still the bill clinton thing!! mwahaha just kiddin.


yeah but seriously its my posting pic for now.


Posted by: jfroggyrox | May 13, 2009

Finally 100 views on the funny picture page!

sounds kinda bad compared to all the great big websites…


finally 100 views on the funny picture page!

(actually its 117 sorry i havent been checking :D)

so what is froggy going to do about this? you ask

well the answer is………………………….. IM GONNA MAKE MYSELF A POSTING PICTURE!!!

yep you heard right. here it is:

well-he-did-suck haha just kiddin! but i will make one.

Laterrrr haterrrz

~ƒ®øGG ¥~

Posted by: jfroggyrox | April 4, 2009

Keep On Visiting!!

Cmon guys! we need more hits!!

Posted by: jfroggyrox | January 8, 2009

im a gangsta!!

yo dogs froggy is a gangsta!!!


yo dogs im gangsta

yo dogs im gangsta

Posted by: jfroggyrox | January 8, 2009

happy bday atom!!!!!

hey since i figured out how to put a picture on my website i wanted to put this on here for atoms bday


happy bday!!!

happy bday!!!

there happy i finally put it on SO U CAN SEE IT

Posted by: jfroggyrox | January 8, 2009

if u could start commenting i would like that…


this is my favorite pic ive ever made

this is my favorite pic ive ever made

lol i love this pic



ps. I ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

Posted by: jfroggyrox | January 8, 2009

yo dogs

hey all! this is my website!!!!! w00t woot!!!! yesh i am fond of myself i mean who couldnt be? i mean rlly pplz!! im sooo awesome so if u wanna meet me anytime or somethin like tht… well it was one of my friends bday on monday jan. 5 so happy bday!!!! her name is Autumx3 soo cya pplz! come back soon!

Posted by: jfroggyrox | January 8, 2009

Rockhopper Found!

rockhopper spotted on slushy! here are some pics i got of him


picture-14 yarr rockhopper
me and rh!! dont be jealous! even though rh leaves tomorrow… youll get him next time! just dont even try to find him. or search rockhopper tracker on google and click the first thing that comes up. i never have tried before and im promise this is either my 4th or 5th time seeing rockhopper. note: i think he always goes to the cove to tell stories so wait there if the room hes in is full!

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