The clubpenguin news page

Well, there’s a lot to cover so I’m gonna start with the festival of flight!


Yes, the festival of flight starts tomorrow, August 14th. There will be much to do, like the free jetpack (makes you fly), the propeller on the lighthouse, and the fun fun balloon ride.  Did i mention you could meet Gary too? Well you can! and ill get an ultimate Gary tracker for this page! tomorrow! It’s okay if you fainted. just wake up and comment. Have fun!


Isn’t this great? The 200th issue of the clubpenguin times! i remember the 150th… ill show you the pin i got! 150 there you go! If there is a new one every week, that means i got it 50 weeks ago. Well, i always enjoy relaxing at the ski lodge enjoying the clubpenguin times newspaper, but this week i might have to party!


New play at the stage August 21st! Are you Tired of these old ones that keep coming back?

well wait no longer! a brand new play hits the stage! Don’t know much about this one, but im sure it will be as good as all the others! Actors? Cmon to the Underwater Adventures! Heres a tip, if you want something to eat before you act, then head to the pizza parlor right next door! Amazing pizza delights, from the mouthwatering squid and seaweed pizza, to the dessert frosting pizza with marshmellows and chocolate chips, it has always been my favorite place to eat in clubpenguin, in fact, i work there! meet me there August 21st on the server Slushy. If its full, then go to wool socks. I’ll serve you these fine pizzas, then you can go act with a full stomach!

Track Gary





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