duke beat St. Johns last wednesday by 7 points UNC lost to maryland which is the team duke beat by 40 something points, and here are the four d’s:





yeah duke beat wake forest by 10 points the final score being 101 to 91 duke is ranked 9 in the polls and wake is ranked 8 in the polls. wake beat duke a while back, by two points with 2.6 seconds left. the next game duke plays is against maryland again, then florida, then someone else, and then… UNC!!! so watch them play maryland maybe on wednesday i dont really know. and duke always has some troubles with florida state. dont u just hate those teams that arent ranked but theyre really good? i mean BC wasnt ranked when they beat UNC and they still werent ranked when they beat duke. bye and ill tell u how the next game goes.

YES!!! i was right!! it was wednesday!! duke beat maryland wednesday feb. 25 2009!! by 11 points. the last time they played maryland they beat them by 41 points the worst beating maryland has ever encountered. wat was cheap about this game? maryland fans found the hotel number duke was at and they called them all night to make sure they wouldnt sleep!! but they still won so HA to u maryland fans. elliot williams freshman i think had about 15 points in tht game. and gerald henderson was on FIRE against wake forest aka the demon deacons he had 35 POINTS!!! this game he only had about 20-25 i forgot. but still very good. lemme think of three m’s…




woo! bad news folks tyler handsboro sometin like tht  a very good player for UNC (worst team i know of) is about 119 points away from beating j-j redics all time scoring record. he was like the best duke player i have ever known of (even though they r all so good) what i love about this is… HE BROKE THT TYLER GUYS NOSE!! one game he kicked his face and he started bleeding a while back. this is tylers last year playing and he has 4-5 games left. the last game he only had 11 points so lets hope he doesnt get there. next game might be ___ tech. i dont rlly know wat goes before the tech but anyway… its probably on sunday duke always plays “sunday night hoops” as far as i no. well buh bye and GO BLUE DEVILS!!

WOOHOO!! dukes 3rd win in a row, this year they had 10 straight wins until i think michigan beat them.  duke beat VT and they were away they beat them by about 7 points. VT didnt go out without a fight, although they were never in the lead, they did bring dukes lead down to at the most 2 points. florida state is who they play next and they r rank number 23 i think, unless the polls come out tomorrow and their like rank 22 or something, so duke might hav a little trouble facing them. they play them tuesday night and happy march 1st.

guess wat peeps??? DUKE BEAT FLORIDA STATE!!! by three points it would have been by 6 but this guy threw a three at the last second when the buzzer went off. jon sheyer scored a 4 POINT PLAY!! he shot a three then got fouled, then three bounced off the rim and went in, and he made his 1 foul shot. go sheyer!!! kyle singler also had a good game henderson had a good game, paulus had a good game, williams had a good game, someone they barely play named last name like zubeck i dont know his first name, i was rong florida state was ranked 24 not 23 in the polls. next game UNC BABY!!!! if they win tht will make a GREAT last game of the season. we wont be loosing anyone i no of this year, maybe greg paulus i dont really no. mcclure got fouled out, someone on the other team got fouled out (means about 5 personal fouls) and florida state sure didnt go without a fight. at the half they were winning so i got a greg paulus jersey on, a duke shirt underneath, a duke toboggan under my duke hat, and my duke wallet, and a duke poster and paraded to downstairs. duke felt my spirit thats so why they won. they wont play until sunday, but stay tuned bc its CAROLINA BABAY!!!!! GO BLUE DEVILS!!!!


unc… i HATE unc now. they beat duke AGAIN!!! well brian zoubec got nailed rite in the ping pongs by this guys foot, lance thomas finally played, he got hurt earlier in the season i think. micheal jordan was there, and handbrough got foul out for the first time in his career at home, saying a well goodbye to his unc fans as he walked to the bench for his last game at home. sad moment for unc players, AWESOME  moment for me and other duke players. the refs uhh not much to say about the refs but they made TERRIBLE calls on duke and pretty bad calls on unc as well. JON SHEYER IS NOW MY FAVORITE GUY ON DUKES TEAM and henderson just got tired, singler got some mad threes but mostly sheyer. henderson i mean hes awesome and very good in basketball, but he missed three fouls shots in a row. i mean i really LOVE henderson (not in a gay way) but i think he just got tired. thats when i gave up. sheyer didnt have a bad game, he scored 24 points, but duke lost by 8. well in other news, which is good news this time, my second favorite team wake forest (i no dukes enemies with wake but i still like them) and they won. tied up for my first favorite team ECU sadly got beat by three points i dont no who they were up against because it wasnt on tv but i dont know if it was in over time or not. 

TH-TH-TH THATS ALL FOLKS! thanks for the views on this page but duke just had there last game of the season good news, we dont have anyone i no of thats a senior on dukes team, williams is a freshman, so duke will have him a while, he also had a good game ill leave this up here until it gets about 50-60 views so VIEW QUICKLY!!!


Ok possibly im not done. UNC is in the final four now and duke made it to the sweet sixteen. they lost to villanova or however u spell that. believe it or not, im actually pulling for nova out of all in the final four. they didnt let the duke win go to their heads, and they said that we were a good team. michigan state is also in it, and i am also pulling for them. they beat duke, and thats actually why im pulling for them. i mean people thought it was so stupid that duke lost to a stupid weirdo looser team, actually it might hav been michigan, but i dont care. but anyway they dont suck if theyre making it into the final four. so thats y im pulling for ms. UCONN i dont care if they win the final four, i just want unc to loose. im sad that pittsburg lost to ms, but just because of this guy fields. so thats all for now.


Well hey people! i havent been updating this page in a while! well, ill go ahead and tell u, Gerald Henderson just might be going pro. I KNOW IM SAD TOO. And Greg Paulas was a senior so he left, but hes going to go play football in my third favorite team; Syracuse. It sounds a bit funny, but he was actually even better in football as to basketball. Gerald made me very sad, and so many duke fans will miss him. see ya Gerald. The funny thing is, i have two jerseys that i got this year, and one was henderson, the other was paulas. yeah so that kinda sucks for me. its a good thing im watching pro now because ill get to see gerald and ill probably like his team when he plays for them. Duke is also getting a very good player, ive heard he can knock down many many three pointers in a row, and he got second in the all american mcdonalds slam dunk contest. we are also getting Stephon Curry’s brother, so we will have something to look forward to in November (when the season starts).

Note: This page may not be updated until November, so please do not say “This hasn’t been updated in forever!!!!!!!” Thank you. 



  1. if someone could comment, i think this page is worthless bc nobody on cp watches college bball.

  2. yeah i dont really. but one time the tv was on and there was duke playing i was like OMG FROGGY PROBABLY WATCHING THIS. haha.

  3. lol was tht the unc or miami game?

  4. yeah lol i dont watch ncaa. i love nba though
    but in college, im a notre dame fan

    thats kewl didnt notre dame just win?

  5. Hey
    I bet you know who i am!

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