the story telling page


welcome to the story telling page!

welcome to the story telling page!


the story of a boy who has guts:

once upon a time, there was a man, a big strong hunk actually, named jordan. jordan did VERY well in school and went on clubpenguin whenever he wasnt watching family guy or playing basketball in his backyard. well one week jordan went to school, and learned a lesson about “Dividing Composite Functions” or something like that. at the end of math class his teacher handed each of the students their homework and went home EXCEPT for jordan because his mom worked at his school. when they finally got home at about 4:45 PM he tried to do his math homework. well it was a little to hard to do so, he chose not to do it for the first time in his lifetime (ok maybe he did it once or twice or maybe ten times but MOVING ON!) well he went to math class the next morning, and they checked if everyone did their math homework. well when the teacher said “jordan did u do ur math?” he answered “nope i chose not to because it was so pooping hard” well apparently u cant say tht to a teacher so she took out a ruler smacked him upside the head with it, and then he got expelled.
MORAL OF THE STORY: chew before swallowing. ok we didnt really find a moral so just go with that its a GOOD PIECE OF ADVISE!

a story of a person who died but will not be forgotten:

once upon a time a man named alex schultz was that his name? o yeah it was ok back to the story. well alex did something that nobody will ever forget. he made the first grill/bicycle/ garage/car/something else i cant remember. well almost every in the world had one and alex was becoming richer than bill gates. he was driving in his limo one day when he looked out the window and saw a flyer that read: RICH PEOPLE RACE BE THERE IF YOUR RICH! IF NOT YOUR JUST WASTING UR TIME SO GO HOME U NOOBS. he wanted to enter so he signed up! in two days the race would begin. (two days later wow time flies when ur having fun eh?) he was at the starting line when he saw his worst enemy, well we dont have his name so we’ll go with will martin hey lets call him martini. yeah that sounds fun. ok as i was saying he was his first enemy yeah that junk blah blah blah. ok the race started and he took off! he was so fast he was in front of everyone! well martini got so mad, he threw a rock at alex. alex then feel over roll off the mountain they were racing on and died. martini then tripped. thats wat u call karma right there. well some weirdo named bob bopalopashingdong. well thats wat happened.
MORAL OF THE STORY AHA I HAVE A MORAL THIS TIME: dont join rich people races just be noobs and go home when u see flyers like that.


a story of a freakazoid that died because he was so dorky and im giving away the story right now so LISTEN/READ:

there was a boy named funkydiscodork and he was soooo annoying. he went to school at coolpeople high and he did NOT fit in there. people stuck there gum in his afro, and people smacked him if he said “lets get my funkay grooove on”. ok that was only his mom but anyway people did mean stuff like that every day. one day he got tired of it when one guy said “yo dork get outta my face” so he punched him. well that guy punched back and he SMACKED him as hard as he could!! that guy just thought it was the rain so he threw him across the room and he wacked it with his head. good thing he was wearing an afro so it didnt hurt. then he got his Groooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovy pocket knife and was stabbing that guy SO much. that guy died and he got expelled for life from school and thrown in jail. he was playing his harmonica when this real big guy said “u suck get out of my seat” and funkydiscodork said “NO!” and then he got killed. we dont have a moral for this funky story because morals were not invented when disco was still alive in the what 1700’s?
A story of sourness:
One day there was a boy, not just a boy, a RISKY boy. well this “risky” boy had a friend. the friend came up and asked him if he wanted a WARHEAD! warheads are the most sour candy u may ever eat. he took it and sucked on it for a while, barely even flinching to the sourness. he then said “not bad” and went home. when he went to sleep he had horrible dreams about sourness. he woke up in the middle of the night screaming. he felt something wet in his bed. he had peed himself in his sleep. yes i know its gross but its the story so DEAL WIT IT. he then swore on his mothers grave he would never even touch a warhead again. the next day when he went to school people said things like: “Hey its SourMcSoursLot” and “Yo homie Sowa!” and the guy he gave it to him said “would you like another?” he then thought about it. and said “Fine, but if i pee myself in my sleep again ITS ON UR HEAD” “what?” said his friend. “Oh nothing. Forget i said that.” and ate it. turned out his mom died the next day.
Moral of the story: Dont make your parents buy new underwear. So NEVER try warheads. sike they taste AWESOME!!!!!!! the reason i typed this is because i just had four of them. yes, i will soil myself tonight. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT!!!


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